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Maintain the Elegance of Wooden Shutters to Last Longer

Wooden Window shutters are a real piece of window jewellery. They add value to your property in addition to making your house look elegant and attractive but over time, these shutters can lose their look and appeal if not taken care of regularly because when compared with their counterparts, wooden shutters are more fragile. This…
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6 Tips to Ease the Purchase of Plantation Shutters

What are your major concerns when building or modifying your house? Interiors? What are the features you doesn't want to compromise? Isn't it beauty, privacy, quality and safety?  Beautifying a house starts with Interiors and that comprise of anything and everything inside the house. Windows and doors have an unavoidable role in beautifying the interiors…
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How to choose between different type of shutters?

Seattle – A Cost effective MDF range which is available in 5 colours. They are polymer coated to produce a though and durable shutter option. They are maintenance free and very strong with a wipe clean surface. Georgia - A combination of MDF panels and plastic louvres which is available in a range of 28…
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Blinds or Shutters: Which is best for your home?

Choosing between blinds or shutters may be a matter of taste for many home owners; However there are some functional differences between them that could affect a buyer’s choice. Of course, some buyers add a combination of these window treatments to their home depending on what they like best as well as other considerations like…
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