With some basic measurements, you can give yourself an idea of product cost using our online quote calculator. The prices are not definitive until we have measured your windows but provide a reasonably accurate costing. If you wish to proceed further, we are happy to conduct a home design appointment with our surveyor.

We will always endeavour to match any like-for-like quote you’ve been given for the same product.

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* 10% extra for easy tilt

NB : For over 10 sq, more discount will be given on the total.

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    Let's figure out how to measure windows for shutters to get an estimate.
    Curved-Bay-Window measurement

    Curved Bay Window

    For Curved Bay Windows, measure the width of every individual window, beginning from left to right (A – E). Contingent upon the size of your window you might have pretty much segments width aspect. When you have these different estimations, you can add them together for the all out width of the bended narrows or show them exclusively. At last measure the stature/drop of one window sheet (F).

    Standard Windows

    Standard Windows are the least demanding to gauge. Start by estimating the width of the window (A), and afterward the stature (B) – including the window outline. All costs depend on the size of the window in square meters, so estimating in millimeters is the least complex way.


    Sided & Box Bay Windows

    This strategy can be utilized for both 3 – sided bay windows & box / square bay windows: Similar to curved bay windows, start by estimating the width of the right window outline (A), then, at that point, the middle area (B), lastly the left hand window outline (C). These estimations are then added together for the absolute width. Once more, similar to the curved bay windows, measure the stature/drop of one window sheet (D).

    All our shutters come with a