Seattle – A Cost effective MDF range which is available in 5 colours. They are polymer coated to produce a though and durable shutter option. They are maintenance free and very strong with a wipe clean surface.

Georgia – A combination of MDF panels and plastic louvres which is available in a range of 28 colours. It is lighter weight is very good for wider windows but a maximum of 2 panels bi-folding. They are extremely tough and durable. They look good as wood, but with more durability.

Boston – It is crafted from beautiful solid basswood. A combination of a sturdy MDF frame with hardwood panels, it is available in 5 colours and has a plain style. Available in a choice of five white finishes.

Boston Premium – A durable all-wood shutter range, Boston premium is the perfect choice for unusual or awkward shaped shutters and provides a premium finish. As the hardwood has a lovely grained texture it can come in a range of 29 colours.

Phoenix – It is made in a very light, eco-friendly timber with an attractive rich and woody grain. This makes the ideal choice for tier on tier installations. Available in 50 colours, they are very light and they are good for very large partitions and openings where tracking is not ideal.

Hollywood – Is our waterproof range – it is a high quality plastic shutter, ideal for bathrooms/ kitchens as they are 100% waterproof and ideal where the shutter is likely to be subject to water or high moisture levels. Available in a choice of five white finishes, they will sit beautifully with all interior styles.

Carolina – is made from very robust and high quality, forestry Stewardship Certified hardwood, with an engineered core to prevent any possibility of warping. We think this is the architect’s choice for truly custom made shutters.

All our shutters come with a