What are your major concerns when building or modifying your house? Interiors? What are the features you doesn’t want to compromise? Isn’t it beauty, privacy, quality and safety?

Beautifying a house starts with Interiors and that comprise of anything and everything inside the house. Windows and doors have an unavoidable role in beautifying the interiors of the house. Blinds or Window coverings or shutters are some of the inevitable items for a house.

Isn’t it interesting to know that window coverings come in plenty and many prefer indoor shutters for their home. Why so? It is because indoor shutters are known for their elegance and other practical benefits, including privacy, safety, beauty and above all durability! It also brings more value to your property if you decide to sell it.

Shutters are mainly divided into two- traditional and plantation shutters. Depending upon your choice and style, you can decide which one you need and if you ask me, “Which one will you pick??” without a second thought, I will say “plantation shutters.” Plantation shutters are more contemporary and provide a better view, beauty and also fills the house with plenty of light!

If you are planning to pick plantation shutters for your home, then we have some tips for you!

Take a look,

1. Know the Material

When you choose plantation shutters, you must also know the type of material you need. This knowledge helps you to know the pros and cons of using a particular material. There are three types of plantation material; vinyl, composite and wood.

MDF is affordable Plantation Shutters for people with low budget and PVC waterproof shutters are suitable for bathrooms and kitchen as it is water resistant.

Composite Plantation Shutters otherwise called as fake or faux wood as it is engineered is more affordable when comparing to wood shutters. Also, it is sturdy and humid resistive.

Among the three, it is advised to go for wooden shutters considering its quality and lasting capacity when compared to the other two. Though the cost is higher, the strength weight ratio is in balance resulting in the shutter to be light and strong.

2. Know your Budget

Cost should be one of the many factors to consider before choosing a shutter. Knowing your budget and planning accordingly will help you overcome the trouble.

One of the most heard questions when speaking about interiors is, “Should I go for blinds or shutters?”, “I am planning to go for blinds because they are cheaper when comparing with shutters.”

It is true that blinds are cheaper when comparing with shutters and more-or less share same functionality. But a factor that cannot be ignored is the durability of both! Even if properly maintained a blind will not last more than 5 years and on the contrary shutters when maintained properly will last for more than 50 years!

Wooden shutters has an average cost ranging between, £250 – £380 per square meter. Deciding the size of the shutter will help you to plan an estimated amount. Also dealing with a trusted contractor who is transparent with pricing will help you to install shutters within a feasible budget. The cost of a shutter depends on various factors which include the type of wood, wood shutter measurements, type of wood finishing and the design. Hence to avoid unnecessary expenses you should have a clear plan on these factors.

3. Know the Style 

Style demands money but knowing to balance beauty and cost will help you to beautify your house at an affordable rate. So, let us see how to carry off styling to manage plantation shutter costs!

Louvers define the elegance of the shutter. The size of the shutter can be different for different rooms which mean you can decide the size of the Louver’s for each room accordingly. Planning different size shutters for different rooms will save money and also serve the purpose of the shutter in a better way. How to go ahead with this? You can request for customization and your dealer will help you with the same. But for that, you should know the basics of shutter styling suchlike the Framing and Divider Rails, Mounting Options, Louver Sizes, and Tilting Options. Knowing these aspects will help you customize your shutter effectively and effortless.

4. Know about Maintenance

Plantation shutters need regular cleaning and it is not difficult too. With your vacuum cleaner or with an old cloth you can easily clean your shutters. All you need to do is to open one louver at a time and clean it gently. Don’t rub hard as it can damage the shutters. One of the main advantages of shutters is its effortless maintenance and cleaning.

5. Know the Future value

Plantation shutters are true treasures. They add beauty and safety and hold a prominent role in the real estate market as well. In most of the house descriptions, we find a detailed featuring on plantation shutters which explains the long term benefit of the same. Since it is a one-time investment and has future value they should be built to last. In short, if you are going for a plantation shutter you should never compromise on quality.

6. Know the Future value

Knowing your seller is crucial in any business and plantation shutters are not different. Before you decide to go ahead with a particular seller, you should ascertain their services, policies, and authenticity. Be it online or offline shopping, ensuring the trustworthiness is very important. You should crosscheck the product quality and pricing with competitors before finalizing the purchase. If your seller guarantees replacement for any defects, you can be sure that the company is serious about their business.

Checklist to ensure seller’s authenticity,

  • Before installation services (Survey)
  • After installation services (Quality of work)
  • Charges for quote (If any)
  • Certified professionals (Qualified fitters)
  • Warranty and guarantee (minimum 3 years)

Your home defines you, your interests, passions, and persona. When you are planning to modify or build your house, take it slow and give attention to details. You may listen to a hundred opinions and ideas, but in the end, go ahead with a reason. Moreover, you should know why you choose a color or a material and how it will be beneficial in the long run, the same is applicable in choosing plantation shutters. You should research well, on what you need and why you need it. A better idea about the cost, budget, style and the material will help you to brief to your seller or designer in a better way and thus no one will take advantage of you.

If you feel stuck at any stage in planning or buying shutters, feel free to contact us. We assist to install affordable plantation shutters. We offer free quote and free fitting with 3 years warranty on all our Wooden Shutters at Craftsmen Shutters.

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