Choosing between blinds or shutters may be a matter of taste for many home owners; However there are some functional differences between them that could affect a buyer’s choice. Of course, some buyers add a combination of these window treatments to their home depending on what they like best as well as other considerations like affordability. If you are looking to install one of these window treatments, the following guide will help you explore different type of window coverings.

Difference between blind and shutters

Fundamentally, blinds are window coverings that have slats or vanes that enable the raising and lowering of the blind to cover the window but also to adjust the aperture of the vanes when the blind is down to let in more or less light. Shutters are ideal for people who want privacy, a good security option if you are on a busy street, help reduce noise and save on your fuel bills as they provide further insulation. Shutters are the definitive way to control light, allowing you to effectively close off the window and then filter the light in as you choose.

Blinds or Shutters

There are several different styles of window blinds on the market. With so many different choices out there it can be hard to determine the best choice for your home.

Blinds come in a variety of shapes and styles, with horizontal and vertical slats being the distinctive feature. There are many materials associated with blinds, so their pricing tends to have a wide range. Of course, blinds are even made with sustainable materials like bamboo, which achieves the look of wood (as do faux wood blinds). Blinds are available in many styles to complement the home’s overall décor. After choosing some styles, consider how well they block light; not all blinds provide complete blockage, and that may be a privacy or security concern for some buyers.

While shutters are often the most expensive option, their custom designs tailored to your windows can actually add value to your home! With their good looks and versatility shutters are effortlessly chic. They have many plus points including privacy, light control, sound and draught proofing whilst making a laid back style statement. Shutters are an inspired choice of chic and contemporary styles, shapes and finishes that will add an exciting dimension to any scheme. Each shutter is bespoke and made-to-measure to reflect the individual architecture of the window, from the size of the louvre right down to the colour of the hinge and fitted to the most exacting standards.

There is no wrong choice—all of these options work well—the choice between them is ultimately the homeowner’s taste and the style and size of room.


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