Why invest in wooden shutters?

We have a huge selection of beautiful plantation shutters specifically custom made just for you, now there really is a style for every window. With their good looks and versatility shutters are effortlessly chic. They have many plus points including privacy, light control, sound and draught proofing whilst making a laid back style statement. Our shutters collection is an inspired choice of chic and contemporary styles, shapes and finishes that will add an exciting dimension to any scheme. Each shutter is bespoke and made-to-measure to reflect the individual architecture of the window, from the size of the louvre right down to the colour of the hinge and fitted by our highly specialist team to the most exacting standards. So whether you enjoy contemporary modern living, have a period home or a cool city pad, we can help you find a stunning design solution that meets your specific needs. Shutters are ideal for people who want privacy, a good security option if you are on a busy street, help reduce noise and save on your fuel bills as they provide further insulation. Shutters are the definitive way to control light, allowing you to effectively close off the window and then filter the light in as you choose.

Rechargeable Battery Motorised Cellular Blinds

We are pleased to introduce our first motorised cellular blind to be concealed in a shutter!
Following the success of our room darkening tensioned blinds, we have gone a step further to give that truly luxury experience to the end consumer. This product uses a Somfy motor in our high quality pleated blind system with a concealed rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
Our tensioned and motorised cellular blinds are available in 13 different fabric colours.

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Let Plantation Shutters delight you

Everything we do goes towards making sure that you get the best quality, most elegant, fully customised and ultimately beautiful shutters available. Whether you are looking for internal shutters to control light or provide privacy or external security shutters – our fully customised design and manufacture process will ensure true value, beauty and peace of mind are added to your property. So whether you enjoy contemporary modern living, have a period home or a cool city pad, we can help you find a stunning design solution that meets your specific needs.

Choosing your shutter style

  • Tier on tier: two sets of panels, one on top of the other that operate independently of each other.
  • Cafe style: panels that cover only bottom half of window
  • Full Height: most popular, full height panels cover the whole window.
  • Tracked: rather than fitting shutters in the usual manner with frames and hinges, these shutters slide on a track.
  • Solid: solid wood panels that cover the window entirely.
  • Shaped Shutters: bespoke panels to fit unusual and awkward shaped windows

Choosing your shutter type

  • Austin Paulownia Wood (29 colours)
  • Dulwich PVC (6 colours)

Louvre Sizes

Shutter colours - Craftsmenshutters

Available shutter colors

Wooden shutters colors - Craftsmenshutters


Tracked Shutters
Tracked Shutters
Full Height Shutters
Full Height Shutters
Cafe style shutters
Café Style Shutters
Special shapes shutters
Special Shapes Shutters
Tier on Tier Shutters
Tier on Tier Shutters
Solid Panel Shutters
Solid Panels Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are extremely popular these days simply because they virtually fit any shape or style of window. With their good looks and versatility, shutters are effortlessly chic.
Whether you choose, full height shutters, tier on tier shutters, cafe style shutters or solid panels, Craftsmen shutters can help you every step along the way.
Having fitted hundreds of homes with plantation shutters, we can advise you on what is right for you and your home.
As mentioned earlier there are five distinct types of plantation shutters.

Full height shutters, which as the name suggests, they cover the length of the window. They are the simplest style of window shutters and create a clean, elegant effect.
The full height shutters can suit all rooms in the home, and they can be used to cover the patio and sliding doors.
You can have a different configuration which can be fully drawn back like curtains, to reveal the entire window and allow the maximum light into the room.

Café style shutters are also known as half height interior shutters or are sometimes called “short shutters”.
Café shutters are fitted to the bottom half of the window or opening.
But they don’t need to be restricted to half height as any height can be set. In fact, café shutters can be anything from 25-75% of the window height.
They originate from the French cafe style and apart from being stylish, they allow extra light into the room too.
Today they are often use in kitchen and general living areas and offer an alternative to net curtains.
Café style plantation shutters are available in louvered and solid panel styles and come in a range of finishes.

Tier-on-Tier shutters have two levels of shutter panels, one placed directly above the other.
These 2 levels of panels are not connected and they open and close completely independent of each other.
If you wish for your shutters to give you more flexibility, then tier on tier shutters give you just that.
They offer many options – from being fully open, or leaving the top half open, but closing the bottom half and then tilting the slats for privacy or closing both tiers across the window and tilting the slats for maximum privacy or as a way of shading from the sun.
We have fitted tier on tier shutters on many properties. They look particularly good on windows that are taller and wide. We can advise you on whether your property is suitable for these kinds of shutters during our survey.

Solid panel shutters add a real traditional elegance to your room while offering complete privacy, heat insulation and noise reduction. With no operable louvres, the solid panels can be either opened or closed to allow natural light in or to block it out.

Combi panel shutters which are half solid and half slatted and are also known as Half Solid shutters. Usually, the lower half of the shutter is solid wood while the upper half has slats which can be opened to any degree required to let in more light, but we can also produce them the other way around with the upper half solid and slats at the bottom.

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