Kitchen Wooden Shutters

Our client wanted more privacy, light control and shutters that operate independently of each other. We installed 2 sets of durable all-wood from our Boston premium shutter range which is the perfect choice for unusual shaped shutters. They are a great style statement, giving a lovely focal point within the room. The client was really pleased with the result as it matches his furniture and made the kitchen look much brighter.

Our client wanted to have his curtains replaced by wooden shutters to look more elegant. He wanted some wooden shutters to cover the whole window. We installed bi-fold panels from our full height wooden range shutters which has great insulation, privacy and noise control.

Our clients wanted their kitchen blinds which were not easy to maintain and looked old fashioned to be replaced by some waterproof, robust and hardwearing shutters. We installed our Hollywood range ABS shutters which are 100% waterproof with stainless steel hinges, bi-fold panels and hidden tilt (or easy tilt). They are ideal for kitchens and any other high traffic areas. They also prevent warping, denting and chipping. Both clients were really satisfied with their new Hollywood ABS shutters.

All our shutters come with a